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A business incubator is a comprehensive business support program designed for startup and fledgling entrepreneurs to facilitate their growth and integration into a market economy by providing access to shared services, training, financing, equipment and often times physical space for the development of their business.

The business incubator is a relatively new instrument for the promotion of entrepreneurship and local economic development through enterprise start-up, job creation and improved value-added production. The business incubator concept promotes grass-root initiatives and capitalization of the local economic development potential, with the intention to support regions in crisis to find their own solutions.

The goal of a business incubator program is to enhance the capacity of the largest possible number of entrepreneurs in the community in order to accelerate local economic development.

The NBDN Business Incubators are Centers for Small Enterprise Development. They assist start-ups, micro and small enterprises that wish to expand their business and diversify their product line. Incubated companies may stay in the business incubator for a maximum period of 3 years. The number of incubated companies at the BI's is 120, taking up premises of over 10,000 sq. m.

NBDN Business incubators provide:

  • premises below market prices
  • a broad range of business services
  • a microfinancing scheme
  • business consultations
  • training programmes
  • market entry support

Business incubators in France

There are three types of organizations supporting and encouraging the development of medium and small businesses: business incubators, business stalls, and incubators for small business. They concern different areas and provide various specialization and training, assistance and help during the process of creation of the businesses.

  • Business incubators support business plans involving high technologies and their goal is to achieve science development. They are often in partnerships with schools and laboratories providing opportunities for science research;
  • Business stalls are organizations supporting the development of medium and small businesses after their creation. They encourage the further development of the businesses and offer advice and financial help;
  • Incubators for small business are similar to business stalls, but they support the development of more traditional business ideas (requiring not more than 2300 EURO of financing) and the target groups are unemployed and people with lower level of education. They give the opportunity to the participants to test their business in real conditions: the business plan is developed with help from the organization and the business is created, while the legal responsibility is taken by the organization.

All organizations benefit of high support from the public institutions and their aim is to insure economic development. In France, those regional organisms are often in close partnership with the government. They are financed by the government, territorial collectives, banks, financial institutions and European funds and offer many services: administrative services, specialized trainings and individual support, strategic and technical advice, financial and technology support, empty offices, commercial contacts.