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Vocational Training Centre

The Vocational Training Center National Business Development Network (VTC NBDN) is established in 2003 as a training center to provide vocational training and is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) under the number 200312111.

The center provides training in 28 vocational sectors including 95 specialties and 179 professions.

The training in the CVT to NBDN in every profession and specialty is carried out by the National Agency according to approved curriculum and syllabus.

CVT to NBDN in Sofia carries out trainings requested by employers, free contracted courses and courses for unemployed people (through the Employment Agency).

The trainings are conducted in day, evening, distant and individual forms of learning. The duration of courses is determined together with the applicant, taking into account his needs and in a compliance with the Law on Vocational Education and Training and the Regulations for its implementation.

The vocational training courses end with state examinations in theory and practice, in accordance with the SER for gaining a qualification to the certain profession.

From October 2007 to VTC NBDN is certified by international standard EN ISO 9001:2008. The purpose of the initiated system for quality management is to standardize and improve the quality of training services, provided by VTC to NBDN and business centers in the country.

The 42 of Business centers, members of the association are successfully partners with VTC to NBDN in applying and carrying out of trainings across the country.