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Initiatives and activities - Herbs


A network of eight NBDN centres provides specialized assistance to herb growers in the country, including hands-on training for herb cultivation. These centres have trial plots and are currently building modern facilities for herb drying and processing. NBDN aids farmers in finding steady markets for Bulgarian herbs and in certifying local producer groups for organic farming.

The centers provide services to:

  • unemployed and landless people from the target communities who want to grow herbs or alternative agricultural products
  • small-scale agricultural producers who want to improve the quality of their produce, to increase yields and expand their market outreach
  • companies from the sector looking for a producer base that is able to supply high quality raw material (dried herbs, herbs for extraction of essential oils, etc.)

The centers are located in:

  • Velingrad
  • Polski Trambesh
  • Dulovo
  • Teteven
  • Byala Slatina
  • Elhovo
  • Karlovo
  • Parvomai