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Success stories: The ideas become reality

Business center Novi Pazar
helped Roumianka Ivanova who is unemployed to organize dry cleaners’ by assisting her in the selection of the equipement and conducting a survey among the local people for the interest in the service. Under the finanial leasing scheme Roumianka received the maximum sum of 25 000 leva for the purchase of the equipment. She was went through a training for work with different chemicals, organized by German companies. After obtaining knowledge and practical experience, Roumianka considered to introduce а new service: washing of carpets. While the dry cleaners’ kept gaining popularity in the region, clients from Shoumen showed interest in the service and Busuiness incubator Shumen nowadays functions as another reception centre. In the family business are involved the two daughters of Roumianka, together with other employees.

Milena Todorova from Razgrad applied in Business Center Isperih for financial leasing in order to purchase specialized air-conditioning for a hall for mushrooms production. After the construction of the first premise the second production hall was built as well. Milena Todorova frequently participates in seminars organized by thе Business center on the topics of agriculture and EU standards. She can easily find information on international funding programs and to get acquinted with the local fairs and exhibitions calendar. Nowadays third mushroom cellar functions together with composting premise and electricity generator. Milena again have requested the Business center for help – this time to purchase a car for the delivery of her produce to the clients.

Due to to the financial leasing scheme of Business center Burgas Georgui Neichev, a professional driver from Burgas, in less than a month time purchased new Skoda car. Together with the local Business center Georgui registered the vehicle and transformed it into a taxi. At present he provides taxi drivers’ services together with his co-workers.

Due to to the financial leasing from Business center Vidin Vasia Petrov from the town of Lom offers full range of agricultural services, such as mowing down, baling and transporting of the bales to the clients. The financial leasing allowed him to purchase modern mowing machine. Nowadays, after 15 years of unemployment, Vasia is a registered farmer and has his own business. He uses the consulting services of the Business center for the accounting of his enterprise.

Support for the producers of herbs and of alternative agricultural products

The component Herbs of the JOBS project is responsibility of the Business centers in Velingrad, Polski Trambesh, Elhovo, Dulovo, Karlovo, Byala Slatina, Teteven and Parvomai. The eight centers work with 156 producers, who have 300 dka of plantations with herbs. By the end of September 2006 the first crops was gathered – total of 7 tones of common balm, camomile, sage and mint. The Business centers assisted the producers in the preparation and drying process of the herbs, which are had been marketed to two Bulgarian enterprises. Business Velingrad and Business Elhovo own an internationally acknowledged certificate. Negotiations with international certifying organization were concluded for the other six centers, which have signed individual contracts.

Tourism development under the Fund for special projects

Under the project "Alternative employment in the tourism sector" 20 single parents and permanently unemployed young people from Sliven, Kotel and Kazanlak were trained as tourist animators. These way specialists for the tourist sector were trained and a database of the successful graduated animators was created.
Under the leadership of Business Center Sliven was established a Demonstration Center for textile crafts, which is situated in the Museum of textile industry in Sliven and daily is being visited by foreign tourists and guests of the town. Interactive demonstrations take place, such as textile die forging, and professional trainings are organized in order to ensure employment for disadvantaged people. The crafts products are offered for sale in the Demonstration Center.
Business center Nova Zagora was licensed as Youth employment exchange office, which assists young people from the Nova Zagora region to find job by providing professional training and connecting them with local employers.

Employment and training of the Roma people

Due to the lack of skills and experience in long-term planning, the Roma entrepreneurs face the problem to comply with the micro financing criteria. The Business centers put effort into assist the entrepreneurs approved for leasing to successfully develop their business. Among the successful practices are: 4 business plans approved for the leasing scheme in Business Center Burgas where one of the firms used the financing to purchase production machines; two other companies started by unemployed people. Unemployed woman used leasing and grant to start commercial activity and opened two new job positions for women from the local BC Burgas and BC Pazardjik provided altogether 1500 information and consulting services to clients from the community, as well as Internet services in the IT center. The result of these efforts is 113 employed people in Pazardjik – 109 employed and 4 self-employed. The Business centers have provided altogether 3067 information and consulting services to physical persons and enterprises, owned by people from the minorities, where 1117 of the services benefited Roma people. Sustainable employment for 177 minorities representatives s was created, out of whom 68 are Roma people. Under different programs 156 Roma people altogether have been trained. 866 Roma people have used the Internet services in the IP halls of the Business centers; 32 Roma people have benefited from specialized IT services.

The component "Creation of sustainable employment through business support"

The six business centers in Velingrad, Vidin, Nova Zagora, Dulovo, Tragovishte and Shumen assisted the opening of 113 job positions, trained 215 people in the training program "Start your own business" and helped 50 starting entrepreneurs to receive financing. After the trainings 43 unemployed from Dulovo, Omurtag and the village of Kalitinovo in the Stara Zagora region and from Venets developed their own business ideas in the spheres of agriculture, apparel production and trade. One unemployed woman and three unemployed men were approved to receive financing from the "Labour offeces" to start their businesses in the agricultural sector. Unemployed man form the village of Belomortsi, Omurtag municipality, received credit of 5000 leva, started his business as a farmer and employed another person. Enrepreneur from Lom established a taxi company with a 15 000 leva grant awarded by the Agency for diabled people. Fifteen business plans were developed for clients from Omurtag, Stara Zagora and Lom in order to apply for financing from the Microfinancing Gurantee Fund, the departments of the Labor Offices, the Agency for disabled people, the State Fund "Agriculture" and the PHARE program. The requests of 3 clients from Venets for subsidies from the State Fund "Agriculture" were approved.