PERCEPTION is a three-year project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme. It was launched in October 2020 and will conclude in October 2023.

PERCEPTION aims to create a profile for evaluators involved in post-emergency planning to improve preparedness and response. PERCEPTION will create a new profile - the Evaluator and Facilitator on Emergency Planning (EFEP) – a role that will be undertaken by young individuals (18 – 35 years).

Throughout the project, participants will be able to utilise the PERCEPTION project in terms of employability and innovative Vocational Education and Training (VET) to become experts in the emergency management field. The role of the EFEP is two-fold: assess crisis management approaches and identify strategies to prevent future disasters or limit their impacts and apply participatory approaches aimed at building a constructive relationship among citizens, enterprises and local/regional authorities.

PDF 32PERCEPTION – call for participants (.PDF)